Kinds of Nursing Programs

There are two basic programs to consider when looking at entering the field of nursing. The shorter path, which often leads to a two year associates degree, is geared for licensed practical nurses, or as they are known in Texas and California, licensed vocation nurses. This involves two years of study after high school focused on basic science, nursing practice, medications, and the like. Some programs are also linked to hospitals or clinics and provide hands on experience and training through this avenue.

A more advanced and demanding route is that of the registered nurse, which typically takes four years and results in a bachelor's degree in nursing. Registered nurses will oversee licensed practical nurses on the health care floor and also run the daily nursing operations. During the course of their four year training, registered nurses will be subject to greater depth of learning in the sciences and medical fields. Similarly, these nursing programs will also often have a close relationship with neighboring clinics and hospitals.

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