Nursing Program Reputations

If you're paying all this money for a nursing program, it makes sense to check out the reputation of the school before you enroll. You might wonder how to do this. Well, there are quite a few ways. An internet search is a start, but don't believe everything you read. See if you can sit in on a class or two at the nursing program, and while there, make sure to talk to current students. Ask them if they're satisfied with the curriculum, are they getting enough exposure to practical nursing and not just book learning. Meet up with some of the teachers and other faculty, and try to get a sense of what the instruction is like. Do the professors seem accessible and interested in teaching?

Let's face it, a nursing program reputation matters most when you're looking for a job after school. That's when the quality of education will be the biggest factor, since it is compensating for your lack of experience. When choosing a program, ask for numbers in terms of how many recent graduates have found jobs. What percentage have become full time nurses? There's no point shelling out your hard earned money and investing in education if you are not going to profit in the future.

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