Picking a Nursing Program

Picking a nursing program is a great opportunity to start your career as a nurse on the right track. There are so many choices to consider when trying to decide where to go that it can take a lot of work to figure out where is right for you. Like most things in life though, what you get out of it is what you put into it, and so doing a thorough background check on each program will definitely serve you in the long run.

Most nursing programs have websites available where you can get a basic sense of what is in involved with regard to the campus, curriculum, coursework, and medical affiliations in the form of clinics and or hospitals. But if you only visit the websites of the schools you're considering, then you will have left a lot of potential information unearthed. There are many things you can do to further research the nursing programs you're considering. Hopefully, you're outgoing or at least comfortable talking to strangers, because the best thing you can do is take yourself to the campus and start talking to people.

A few great questions to ask of students, faculty, administrators and alumni include asking for their experiences in the classroom, hiring rates for recent graduates, their likes and dislikes of the program, and for students, if they could go back and do it all over again would they stay at their current program or choose a different one? Make sure you ask a good number of people since just conferring with one or two might leave you with a skewed impression, and there will always be a couple of people in every class who either hate or love the school.

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